RI Philharmonic Faculty Information

This page serves as a resource for faculty information and a means of communication with the staff. By standardizing communication about things like lesson times and rooms, staff is able to respond more quickly and effectively. As always, we welcome and appreciate any feedback you have to offer.


Fall Instruction Plan

As we prepare for the 2015-16 school year, please complete this form to submit your anticipated general teaching schedule. If you already know most of your schedule, please add it on page two.

Schedule Change Notification

Inform the school of a permanent or temporary schedule change.

Lesson Room Request

Requests will be confirmed via email once approved. To guarantee room availability, requests must be made for any instruction outside of already schedule teaching hours. This includes early or late lessons and extra teaching days.

Availability Change Request

Requests will be confirmed via email once approved. Teachers wishing to increase or decrease availability (hours or days) can submit this form to notify the school and request a room. Teachers submitting availability changes do not need to submit a Room Request Form

Piano Issue Report

Notify administration of pianos in need of tuning or repair.

Event and Recital Request

Reserve a space for a studio recital or special event. Requests are considered in the order they are received.

Calendar Instructions

With Google Calendar we hope to provide a central location for up to date information about each teacher's schedule. This would allow the staff to quickly and efficiently schedule and place students and facilitate communication with faculty. By keeping calendars current we hope to make it as simple as possible to grow studios and retain students.

Please note that teachers are NOT required to use google calendar. All records will be maintained by RIPHIL staff.

Instructions are based on the google calendar website. Steps for other devices (iphone/pad, apple mail) may vary.

Lesson Scheduling

Add Student

  1. Click Create
  2. Name Format: [First Name] [Last Name]
  3. Set lesson start date/time
  4. Click Repeat...
  5. Calendar: [Teacher Name] - RIPHILMS
  6. Reminders: None (Teacher may choose to customize reminders)
  7. Show me as: Busy
  8. Adjust for holidays & planned student and teacher absences (enable RI Philharmonic calendar for School Closings)

Change Lesson Time

  1. Click student time slot
  2. Click Edit Event
  3. Change date/day and time to new values
  4. Click Save

Extend or Reduce Lesson Length

Note: This is for scheduling purposes ONLY and does not affect billing or teacher pay

  1. Click student time slot
  2. Click Edit Event
  3. Change time to new values
  4. Click Save

Schedule Planned Teacher Absences

  1. Click Available time block
  2. Click Delete
  3. Select Only this event
  4. Create new event for absence
    1. Click Create
    2. Adjust Date to match absence
    3. Name event based on reason (ie. Vacation, Performance)

Keep notes on lessons or students

Can be used to track absence excuses and student details

  1. Click student time slot
  2. Click Edit Event
  3. Edit Description
  4. Click Save